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CoMoKaze Practices for 2014

  • WHEN: Mondays from 6:30-8:30pm  all summer long (starting June 16th)
  • WHAT: Columbia Youth Ultimate Club practice
  • WHERE: ARC soccer fields (1701 West Ash Street)
  • WHO: Boys and girls, all ages (19 and under) and skill levels welcome!

Athletes will need to bring water, a white shirt, and a dark shirt; soccer-style cleats are highly recommended, although running shoes are also acceptable.

Without a signed waiver, an athlete may not participate at practice in any way, period. (Those of legal age may fill out and sign it for themselves.)

Comments or questions? Contact Seth Colaner at comoyouthultimate [at]


On the subject of youth ultimate…

We’ve started a youth ultimate club team. This is open to boys and girls 19 and under from anywhere in and around the Columbia area, and depending on how many kids want to join and what the ratio of boys to girls ends up being, we’ll have open (boys and girls, but usually mostly boys), mixed (4:3 ratio of boys to girls), and/or girls (ladies only, no boys) team(s).

There will be no cuts–anyone who wants to play is welcome and will enjoy plenty of playing time–and although we want to be as competitive as possible, the primary focus will be on having fun and learning the game. (In other words, no screaming coaches, no win-at-all-cost mentality, etc.)

The “season” is limited to summer so as to avoid clashing with school sports. Practices will be once per week: Tuesdays from 6-8pm at the ARC fields on Ash St. throughout the summer, starting on June 11th.

We will generate as many playing opportunities as possible, including the annual Show Me State Games on July 19-20th. We will also be looking to set up friendlies against regionally-located youth ultimate teams throughout the summer; for example, there may be teams forming in Springfield and St. Louis, and we’re reaching out to other established teams a little further away.

For more information, please contact coach Seth Colaner at: comoyouthultimate [at]