Columbia Missouri Ultimate

Summer League

Welcome to Summer League 2016

Everyone is welcome to play in Summer League! You don’t need to be a student, you don’t need to know how to play ultimate, and you don’t even need to know anybody else who plays.

  • Complete the registration by May 15!
  • May 26 – July 21, Thursday nights at 7:00 at COSMO Park
  • Mixed: 4 males/3 females (ratio may be adjusted if needed)
  • $30 league fee includes a disc and a summer of fun.
  • League Details:
    • First and last week food and activities after games
    • Focus on fun and learning
    • No previous ultimate experience required.
    • Teams are created by a draft.
  • If you or your buddy are new to league, both of you can earn $5 off an additional disc or jersey. Just make sure that you request each other and both of you pay your dues before the May 22 registration deadline.

New this year: we are offering a Beginner’s Clinic for free on Sunday May 24 from 1-4 pm at COSMO Park.  Visit our Beginner’s Clinic page to find out more about the clinic and signup to participate.

Important Dates

  • May 11: Registration Opens
  • May 15: Size of league determined “draft deadline”
  • May 24: Teams and Schedule Posted
  • May 26: First Night of League!
  • May 26 – July 21: Thursday Nights @ 7

Note: Individuals that register after the draft deadline will be assigned to a team by the League Committee, which is comprised of the league coordinator and the team captains that are present. Assignment will most likely be in draft order.

How to Participate

  1. Review the League Guidelines
  2. Complete the registration by May 15
  3. Pay $30 league fees online using PayPal.

Captains, Teams and Schedule

  • TBD

League Guidelines


  • Teams are determined by draft.
  • Individuals that register after the draft deadline will be assigned to a team. Assignment might be in draft order
  • A player cannot play for more than one team during the season. Any team that uses a player from another team will have to forfeit that game, unless the switch has approval of both captains.


  • Games will be 4-3 coed (ratio may switch to 5-2 depending on attendance). Captains can discuss and adjust ratios as needed at game time.
  • The winning team is responsible for reporting game scores and collecting cones.
  • All Summer League games are played according to the 11th edition rules.
  • Three total timeouts (at most two per half).
  • There is a 10 yard “brick”.
  • The above rules can be modified on a per-game basis per agreement by captains.
  • Teams will have colors, but it’s a good practice to bring  both a light and a dark shirt.
  • Soccer cleats and shorts will do quite nicely.
  • Bring water to drink.
  • Don’t forget your poetic license, useful for composing pre-, mid-, and post-game cheers.


Normal mixed rules of Ultimate will be used for Summer League, with heavy emphasis on Spirit of the Game. If you’re not familiar with the rules of ultimate, you can check out some simplified rules of Ultimate. All Summer League games are played according to the 11th edition rules.

In Summer League, we insist on spirit from all teams. This means making sure players of all skill levels get plenty of chances to catch the disc, a positive attitude toward opponents, cheering the other team after every game, and showing respect to players on both teams.

Except at the highest levels of competition, ultimate is generally played without referees. This works surprisingly well, because (a) the rules are pretty simple, and (b) there’s a very high level of sportsmanship among ultimate players that we like to call “the Spirit of the Game.” This means that while intense and athletic play is encouraged, intentional fouling and play that is dangerous to others are considered gross offenses against the spirit of sportsmanship. Because there are no referees policing our behavior in this league, it is especially important that all players uphold their responsibilities to play honestly, fairly, and safely.